The Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice

                                   "An evidence based approach to improving disability employment"

"Discovery is not......spending time on a laptop computer, administering assessments, taking notes, using checklists, ranking competencies or comparing. Discovery does not include predicting or guessing what a person can do or identifying jobs that are available in the labor market."

“Some of the characteristics of customised employment include employment consultants with personal career plans and visiting clients in their homes to get a real understanding of the client.”

The Centre has been established to provide a singular focus on improving the evidence base for disability employment practice within Australia. We believe that in order for employment outcomes to improve, there must be a shift to a whole of life approach for people with a disability. Current disability employment practice centred on economic philosophy fails to recognise employment as one part of a larger picture.

To achieve change we're gathering like minded practitioners and researchers to work on the issues and develop the evidence base to support change in disability employment practice. We draw on resources locally and internationally to ensure that our work meets the standards for critical peer review.

The Centre conducts research, advocacy and training that focuses on policy and practice change through advising business and government on policy and practice direction based on rigourous research. Training that starts with organisational change that supports real change and staff practices to provide better client outcomes that are based on the best available evidence. We also work with individuals and families to support self determination and self advocacy focused on employment.

CDERP has a long standing technical alliance with Griffin Hammis Associates - the pioneers of Customised Employment and global leaders in the field of disability employment.  Through the joint exchange of ideas and research, we are committed to improving the evidence base and improving participant outcomes.