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An evidence based approach to improving disability employment outcomes

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Why Choose {CDERP}

Organisations face unique problems that require solutions focused on your aims, clients and environment


CDERP was founded with the express mission of developing, improving and ensuring that disability employment practice was built on an improving evidence base that supported true client choice and control.

Research has highlighted that evidence based disability employment practice today whilst well intentioned lacked real systematic rigour in its application.  

That's our goal: fidelity of practice to known evidence, underpinned by sound research into policy and practice.


Using our global network, we support organisational and systems change through undertaking consulting to service providers and government.

We don't try to be all things to everyone, just a focus on disabiity employment that supports your organisation with insight and consulting that will assist your organisation to meet the challenges of the new employment paradigm.

We bring our strengths, our global network to assist you. If you're currently stuck, wondering what your next step should be, then call us.  


We provide expert training in Customised Employment through our global technical alliance with Griffin Hammis Associates, the global leaders in Customised Employment practice. Our long standing relationship and experience globally allows us to provide training that meets the ethical practice standards for Customised Employment.

Along with training in Systematic Instruction and Employer Engagement, our training is recognised as the industry standard.

Customised Solutions

"Discovery is not......spending time on a laptop computer, administering assessments, taking notes, using checklists, ranking competencies or comparing. Discovery does not include predicting or guessing what a person can do or identifying jobs that are available in the labor market."


Awesome People Talk About {CDERP}

We hate to brag, so we'll let other people do it for us!

Thomas Golden

Executive Director

K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability

Cornell University, New York

Phenomenal group of researchers and practitioners advancing inclusive workplace practices in Australia!!!

September, 2018.

"We're in a process of changing our organisation completely, the practices within our organisation, so it has to come from the top.  It has to be appropriately resourced and then I think having trusted partners for all stages.  CDERP is a trusted partner that we can have someone as our guide to bring us through the process."

Nick MacHale


Brite Services

“I just think that the impact of this first part of Discovery on you is quite significant and I would be right in saying that the outcomes that you would assume for clients would be so different to what you might have considered in the past.”

Provider staff member after first day of Customised Employment training


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