Our Vision

Our Vision

Empower individuals, as part of life's journey, to access socio-economic freedoms through self-determined, fair and meaningful employment.

Our Mission

     To establish an evidence based approach through practical research which enables all people with disability to self-determine their socio-economic future through personalised inclusive employment within a culture which values a "social quality architecture.               

We Value:


• the right of all individuals to belong and contribute to their community through employment

• the right of all individuals to achieve personal socio-economic freedom through employment

• that people with a disability have the same rights to employment as all members of their community

• that people with a disability be central to the discussion of employment options and have the opportunity self-determine their future

• that transition to new employment be enabled by self-directed supports

• that people with a disability have the right to control and direct funding for supports which enable medium and long term stability in employment

• that employers be encouraged and supported to establish environments which enable easier employment of people with disability


• that evidence based theories on disability employment be operationalised through practical research

• that people with a disability are the best resourced to inform transitions to practical disability employment outcomes

• that personal outcome measures determine the success or failure of disability employment programs

• that segregated disability employment models be reviewed and suitable exit strategies be encouraged

     Community Living

• that people with a disability should lead resilient and independent lives offering control over choices and participation in their community

• that communities should offer appropriate supports enabling people with disability to better control their social and economic environments

     Social Quality Architecture

• that communities establish a social quality framework offering social cohesion, social economic security, social inclusion, social justice, social equity and social empowerment.


In order to achieve our gaols of furthering the evidence base for disability employment, we are stuctured as a registered not for profit. Our decisons are informed by reference to the five ACNC Governance Standards. No one single member of our board can make decisions without the explicit approval of another member of the board. Where we are uncertain, then we have the capacity to reference other like minded organisations for advice. At all times we are governed by the letter of the law and our responsibilities as directors and board members pursuant to ASIC standards.