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Presentations, Responses and Papers.

IASSID World Congress -

Melbourne 2016.

Preliminary Results from

PhD Presentation

Knox Disability Employment

Forum - Knox

October 2016

ASID 2015

National Congress Presentation.

IASSIDD World Congress

Melbourne 2016

Social Entreprise Research Outcomes

Disability Employment Framework

Submission 2015.

Belonging Matters 2017 AGM

Disability Employment Services  

from 2018 Submission 2016.

Disability Employment Australia

Brisbane - 2017 Annual Conference


ADE - Supported Employment

Submission 2018

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation

Social Entreprise paper 2018

APSE Portland 2017

Social Entreprise Presentation

ASID 2017 - Hobart

PhD Presentation

ASID 2017 - Hobart

Social Entreprise


June Alexander's brilliant paper.

Nature and extent of on-the-job training for employees with an intellectual disability: a pilot study