Discovery / Fidelity Scale Validation Study

SLES Review

Innovative Workforce Fund



Customised Employment Research.

The first stage of our research into the contextualisation of the Discovery / Discovery Fidelity Scale project is underway. Headed by Lauren Pavlidis and in collaboration with Professor Keith McVilly, Professor Disability and Social Inclusion, Melbourne University and the leading global experts in Customised Employment: Griffin Hammis Associates, Montana, USA. This is our gateway research project that examines whether the evidence based Discovery and Discovery Fidelity Scale need contextualising to the Australian setting. Working with a panel of experts in the USA and Australia and involving feedback from people with a disability, this project will define the Discovery process that we will take into our stage two and three projects involving establishing a open employment project within an ADE setting and a larger project testing the processes within the NDIS employment framework.

School Leavers Employment Support Review.

Funded by the NDIA, this research project has been established to examine what is happening within the SLES process and provide recommendations for improving the SLES to ensure that partivcipants are reciving what is intended by the funding. As part of the research we are visiting participants, providers, schools and programs that have taken innovative approaches to supporting employment within the NDIS framework. It is anticipated that this provide will provide it's findings and recommendations to the NDIA by Octiber, 2017.We have partnered with Prof. Keith McVilly, University of Melbourne in this project.

Innovative Workforce Fund Project

Funded by the NDIA, this research project has been established to run a pilot program ulitising Customised Employment to support and train up to 10 Consutants and 30 clients that have NDIS funding to pursue open employment outcomes. Economic Participation is a cornerstone of the NDIS and an acknowledged pathway to social inclusion in society. This project will test the viability of open employment pathways in the NDIS by using a collaborative approach to economic participation by partnering with organisations that have different service capacities that are all focused on employment. This braided approach is common overseas, but less so in Australia. We have partnered with Prof. Keith McVilly, University of Melbourne in this project, with deliverables reported by June 2018.

Personalised Inclusive Employment - Practice.(PIE-P)

Based on person centred principles and self determined career planning, this evidence based process will build on the strong evidence base that exists for customised employment and discovery. Consistent with PIE-OM, we seek to integrate the principles of Social Quality Theory into practice to produce a paradigm shift in existing practice that is consistent with the UNCRPD and the shift created by the NDIS in client expectations. This project will incorporate the learnings and evidence from Lauren Pavlidis's Discovery project and will be tested within our open employment projects. The outcome of these should be empirecally validated evidence based practice that has been contextualised to the Australian setting.