Awesome Services that {CDERP} provides

Work First: A recognition of employment as a pathway to the social and economic inclusion of persons with a disability

CDERP was founded with the express mission of developing, improving and ensuring that disability employment practice was built on an improving evidence base that supported true client choice and control.

Research has highlighted that evidence based disability employment practice today whilst well intentioned lacked real systematic rigour in its application.  

That's our goal: fidelity of practice to known evidence, underpinned by sound research into policy and practice.

We provide expert training in Customised Employment through our global technical alliance with Griffin Hammis Associates, the global leaders in Customised Employment practice. Our long standing relationship and experience globally allows us to provide training that meets the ethical practice standards for Customised Employment. Training in Customised Employment that meets ethical parctice standards requires a minimum of 40 hours of training, followed by support to ensure that staff are supported through a challenging time that awaits them as they learn and use new practices.

Along with training in Systematic Instruction, Positive Behaviour Support, Family and Employer Engagement, our training is recognised as the industry standard.

Using our global network, we support organisational and systems change through undertaking consulting to service providers and government.

We don't try to be all things to everyone, just a focus on employment policy and practice that supports your organisation with insight and consulting that will assist your organisation to meet the challenges of the new employment paradigm.

We bring our strengths, our global network to assist you to create a new focus and future for your service business.  

The evolution of employment services under the paradigm shift of the NDIS and the move to client choice and control will require organisations to create individual solutions unique to their setting. In a sense this is the same process that clients will demand of service providers; unique, individualised custom solutions that meet their dreams, expectations and future career goals.

These solution aren’t found in repeating the past, nor are they found by throwing everything that you’ve done out and starting again. That’s a surefire way to create a level of anarchy and uncertainty that will surely destroy your organisation. Not a good outcome! Through our extensive overseas network, international experience and a solid research foundation we work with your organisation, staff, clients and families to create a vibrant future. At our heart we’re practitioners first and researchers second.

We create solutions based on research that informs practice, tinged with our practical experience to ensure that it works!   Add to this the steady progression of DES towards real choice and control, it isn’t difficult to envisage a different future for disability employment. Real choice, real control and real portability that will usher in demands for new type of service that isn’t simply about a job, but one that is individually meaningful, promotes self determination and supports real inclusion and community cohesion.