Customised Employment

Customised Employment isn’t an add-on, it’s a whole new way of delivering employment services.

Customised Employment is a new evolving methodology for delivering employment services. It isn’t be an add-on and will require extensive training and support to ensure that it is delivered correctly and with fidelity to known practice standards. It’s for that reason you will require a technical partner that can support your organisations change journey. It really is a whole of company approach to delivering true person centred emplyment services.

Customised Employment

Fully Compliant training in Customised Employment that meets and exceeds the internationally recognised benchmarks for employment staff. Delivered as a face to face intensive program on-site, this course forms part of your organisational change process that will evolve service delivery to be truly person-centred.

This program will shortly be available as a certified program with the theory delivered online, followed by an intensive practicum to ensure that knowledge translates to practice. Contact us today to discuss your training needs or visit the projects page for more information.

Customised Employment Leadership

This course delivered via the University of Melbourne in two intensive multi-day sessions is aimed at leaders responsible for the delivery of Customised Employment. With its focus on the settings required to embed Customised Employment in your organisation, it will equip leaders with the skills and understanding to ensure that those delivering Customised Employment have the tools and support necessary.

Employer Engagement

This one day program focuses on the skills needed to move from selling someone into a job to creating the conditions of mutuality that create opportunities to partner with employers to solve their staffing needs. With it’s focus on practical skills and organisational change, it will equip employment professionals with the tools necessary to become trusted technical partners to business.

CDERP delivers training and development based on evidence derived from practice and research that meets the needs of practitioners and families seeking to deliver and support real employment outcomes.

Professional Development

Professional development is an absolute essential to ensure that your staff are equipped with the right knowledge and skills for the job and maintain their edge in delivering services.

Professional development programs are an opportunity for staff, families and managers to ensure that they are up to date with current knowledge and skills. At CDERP we have a range of PD programs that are on offer, with new PD programs being developed to meet the needs of employment service professionals and self managed families alike. We can also develop and deliver bespoke PD that meets your individual organisational needs.

We offer two short courses designed to educate families, advocates and self-directed clients on the process of discovery and customised employment. The one day course; Customised Employment Deconstructed,  provides participants with a basic understanding of Customised Employment and Discovery and how it fits into employment support planning.

The second program; Discovery for Families and Self-Advocates is delivered in two one day sessions. It examines the various versions of Discovery, how to undertake them, strategies for engaging with employers and when to know to ask for advice and support.

Systematic Instruction

Systematic Instruction was pioneered by the late Dr. Marc Gold whose TAW (Try Another Way) model revolutionised methods used to train people with significant disabilities a wide range of skills, with a particular focus on employment. Marc Gold was a firm believer that ‘anyone can learn if we can figure out a way to teach them.”

Behaviour Support

Behaviour support isn’t just for home but has a significant role to play in the workplace. Using behaviour support principles, this program will aid in the develop of skilled post-placement supports that can minimise triggering events and also manage any workplace behaviour that could jeopardise employment continuity.
Bespoke Training

Our research and practice provides us with unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that exist in the employment arena. We use this insight and evidence to develop our programs and offer organisations the option of receiving purpose designed training and development. This is often the result of internal reviews that we undertake within organisations to identify gaps and opportunities. If you have a need or know you need something but can’t work it out, talk to us and let’s develop a solution unique to the challenges that you face.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminister Fuller.
We can live with that.

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