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Customised Employment - Stage Three. Job Development, Employers and Career Support

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In this credential, you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in Customised Employment Stage Two. The focus is on unmet needs in the workplace, matching the participant's skills and interests to the business culture and setting. By understanding the unmet needs and culture of the business you can create conditions of mutuality in the workplace that meets the participant's ideal conditions of employment while addressing an identified business need. Course participants also develop an understanding of post-employment supports, the development of natural workplace supports and the role of systematic instruction as a learning and skill development tool in the workplace.

This course lays the knowledge required for using Discovery outcomes as the basis for creating long term relationships based on mutuality, ideal conditions of employment, natural supports and instructional methods.

In this course you will cover the following areas;

Undertaking Job Development & Engaging Employers

The unit content provides candidates with a detailed understanding of the informational interview shift from Discovery to Job development. The candidate will move into assessing the potential opportunities and laying the foundation for job negotiation. This process begins with the populating of the list of 20 for each of the identified vocational themes. The candidate will then identify the unmet needs of a business and make clear that the job seeker appears to match the core work and culture of the business. If the job seekers skills and ideal conditions are matched informational interviews will be conducted to seek out potential areas for performance and quality improvement. This assessment of unmet needs within a business is essential to creating a unique and profitable job match of mutual benefit to employer and employee.

Promoting Employer & Employee Mutuality

The unit content provides candidates with a detailed understanding of employer and employee mutuality. The candidate will develop an understanding of how to create jobs that fit an individual’s ideal conditions of employment and benefits to the workplace.

Delivering Post-Employment Supports: Systematic Instruction

The unit content provides candidates with an understanding of providing post-employment supports. The candidate will develop a knowledge of a variety of strategies that support people with barriers to maintaining employment. Strategies examined are applied in relation to person-centred planning.

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