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The Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice (CDERP) was established a decade ago as an independent Centre of Excellence in Disability Employment in response to the lack of focus on disability employment in Australia. In particular, the translation of research into practice that solves real-world problems and offers solutions to practitioners, policymakers, families, Australians with a disability and employers. Disability Employment is evolving rapidly under the influence of the NDIS and DES and their unique challenges. CDERP uses an Applied Research framework, our global network, and experience to deliver real-world solutions unique to your organisation and client demands.

Our unique approach to developing solutions based on research and practice allows us to develop and offer world-leading training in disability employment practice. Available through the CDERP College, we provide a range of skills training specific to disability employment, including our globally recognised CDERP Customised Employment Professional (CCEP) program developed with the support of our technical partners, Griffin Hammis Associates – the pioneers of Customised Employment. Commencing in 2024, we will release revised and updated Customised Employment, Discovery and Disability Practice programs that reflect changes in policy and practice needs. Driven by feedback and what we see in practice today.

What more could you ask about real-world expertise, academic rigour, practice-proven and peer-reviewed work?



“Discovery is not……spending time on a laptop computer, administering assessments, taking notes, using checklists, ranking competencies or comparing. Discovery does not include predicting or guessing what a person can do or identifying jobs that are available in the labor market.”

Awesome People Talk About CDERP

“Phenomenal group of researchers and practitioners advancing inclusive workplace practices in Australia!!!”

September, 2018.

Thomas Golden
Executive Director
K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability
Cornell University, New York

“I really like your Job Development Manual. Informative but not too long. Practical, but well grounded in best practices. And I really like the conversational tone of it.”

David Mank
Professor Emeritus University of Indiana
Senior Advisor
Office of Disability Employment Policy.                                US Department of Labor

“I just think that the impact of this first part of Discovery on you is quite significant and I would be right in saying that the outcomes that you would assume for clients would be so different to what you might have considered in the past.”

Provider staff member after first day of Customised Employment training

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    We bring our global perspective and experience to your unique local challenges.


    At CDERP we use an Applied Research framework to deliver research and practice-based solutions to disability employment services.


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