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Peer Reviewed
Developing open employment outcomes for people with an intellectual disability utilising a Social Enterprise Framework.

Smith, McVilly, McGillvray & Chan (2018)

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation 48, 59-77

Promoting and enhancing self-determination to improve the post-school outcomes of people with disabilities

Karrie A. Shogren and Michael J. Ward

JVR, 48, 187-196

Toward Competitive Employment for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: What Progress Have We Made and Where Do We Need to Go

Wehman et al 2018

Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) in Kansas: Description of a family- focused intervention and the rationale supporting it

Judith M.S. Gross, Grace Francis and Maria A. Pijem

Retreat 2018

June Alexander Workshop

The Successful Employment Consultant

Defining customized employment as an evidence-based practice: The results of a focus group study

Inge, Graham, Brooks-Lane, Wehman & Griffin

JVR, 48, 155-166

A Systems Analysis of Factors that Lead to the Successful Employment of People with a Disability

PhD Thesis

Dr Peter Smith

Employer views of customized employment: A focus group analysis

Tim Riesen and Robert L. Morgan

JVR, 49, 33-44

Organizational transformation to integrated employment and community life engagement

Sulewskia et al

JVR, 46, 313-320

Transitioning ADE’s to Open Employment

Smith, Rhodes, Pavlidis, Alexander and McVilly (2019)

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation 90. 263-271

Effecting a system change in the delivery of employment services for people with disabilities: a view from Australia.

Trevor Parmenter

JVR 13 (1999) 117-129

Reports, Retreat, Submissions and Grey Literature
A Roadmap to Competitive Integrated Employment: Strategies for Provider Transformation

Kamau & Timmons


Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice.

November 2020 Practice Notes


ADE Inquiry

Discussion Paper Response

Discovery Chart Series.

Discovery. Stage One – Getting to Know the Client Chart.

Discovery. Stage Two – Understanding the Client and Their Career.

2018 Retreat

System Redesign Activity Outcome Report

Provider Transformation

Work First Transformation Program

Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice

Practice Notes

March 2020

Smith, P., McVilly, K., Rhodes, P., Pavlidis, L., (2018).  Customised Employment: building workforce capacity for and establishing an evidence-based means of achieving the social and economic participation of people with disability. Final Report to the Innovative Workforce Fund.  Sydney

Customised Employment Outline

Customised Employment

Work First Customised Employment Outline

An overview of CE, Its origins, evidence, process and discovery to employment.


The Essential Elements of Customised Employment for Universal Application

WINTAC, 2017

Social Capital

Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project – VCU

Brooks-Lane et al (2019)

Customised Employment and Social Capital

Working in the Community—Update 3

The Status and Outcomes of People with IDD in Integrated Employment

Dorothy Hiersteiner & John Butterworth (Institute for Community Inclusion, UMass Boston)

Disability Employment Australia Presentation

Perth 2019

Dr Peter Smith

IASSIDD World Congress 2016

PhD Preliminary Findings

Dr Peter Smith

Disability Matters Presentation

University of Otago


ASID PhD Presentation


Dr Peter Smith

2018 Retreat

System Redesign Activity Outcome Report

Provider Transformation

Possability H0bart 2018

Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice

Disability and Employment

University of Melbourne Lecture. April 2019

Dr. Peter Smith

Pathways to Employment Presentation

University of Melbourne


Future Directions for Disability Employment Presentation

Knox, 2018

Dr Peter Smith

NZDSN 2019

Professionalism in Employment Practice Presentation

May 2019

” Our particular approach to Discovery is DPG and that evolved out of what we saw didn’t work with various models of Person Centred Planning…mostly what I saw was this thing we now call Voc Themes…once I had that and could articulate it a bit the process fell into place…we’d been using info interviews and tweaking those from tours to real conversations for a while and saw how engaged many employers were…. and so on with refinements that continue…”

Cary Griffin (2017)