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Customised Employment - Stage Four. Families, Benefit Planning and Self-Employment

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In this credential, you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in Customised Employment Stage 3. The focus is on understanding how to fund the employment journey, the various supports to consider, the role of benefits planning along with how to engage families in the employment process. Families are a critical part of employment success and the development of career opportunities. This program will highlight ways to engage and educate families in the Customised Employment process while exploring self-employment as an alternative pathway to employment. Within self-employment, the importance of business planning is examined and its role in guiding the self-employment process.

This course is the final capstone topic in the Customised Employment process.
In this course, you will cover the following areas:

Understanding Benefits Counselling & Support Funding

The unit content provides candidates with an understanding of current benefits available to people with a disability and the range of supports available from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to support employment. The candidate will develop a basic understanding of the Disability Support Pension (DSP), the NDIS and the impact of personal exertion income on benefit recipients. The unit will also provide a basic understanding of the process of benefits planning and its relationship to employment and financial support available from other employment systems.

Activating Families – the Role of Family & Friends

This unit provides the candidate with an understanding of the importance of activating and engaging with families throughout the employment process and how this engagement influences the success of employment and career outcomes. The skills learnt will enable the candidate to better understand the position of families and support the establishment of mutually trusting relationships while also educating the families about the customised employment process.

Undertaking Self-Employment & Business Planning

The unit content provides candidates with an understanding of Self-employment, Micro-enterprise and business planning basics. The candidate will develop an understanding of its applicability as an alternative to wage employment and its practical application across a variety of settings where people with barriers to employment choose this path to economic participation.

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