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Fully revised to reflect the evolution of Discovery and contextualised to the Australian setting, this comprehensive guide to the Discovery process will take you through each step on the journey highlighting factors to think about and consider. Written in a conversational style, the guide breaks down the two stages of Discovery into easy-to-understand stages to support your journey to completing the Discovery stage of Customised Employment.

A completed Discovery is essential to aid in the development of meaningful employment and job development. A must-have for employment professionals, families and self-advocates undertaking the employment journey.

"Thank you for sharing the Discovery Manual with me. It is a beautiful document, easy to read, and chockful of great information. I particularly liked the business-related questions. In my experience, the newly minted employment specialist can be quite intimidated by business interactions. The questions are an excellent guide for even the more experienced specialist."
Katherine Carol
21st Century Rehabilitation Strategies Expert, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster Author, and Storyteller.

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