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Work Experience Manual

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Work experience is critical to the successful transition from school to a good post-school life, not simply for a person with a disability but for everyone. Despite overwhelming evidence of its importance, it is still an ad hoc adventure that relies more on the efforts of individuals in schools and in the community.

This publication forms part of the bigger picture of skills required by employment professionals who serve people with a disability and other vulnerable people in society.

This guide is a comprehensive evidence-based practice-focused guide to support work experience practice by disability employment professionals and parents.

The Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice (CDERP) is dedicated to building the evidence base for disability employment practice through practice-informed research.

"Great work on this Manual. Practical. Well-referenced. User friendly. Very useful for practitioners and developers. Thank you. Looking forward to this getting wide attention internationally."

David Mank
Professor Emeritus University of Indiana. Senior Advisor, Office of Disability Employment Policy. US Department of Labor.

"Very comprehensive and well presented"

Trevor Parmenter AM

Professor Emeritus University of Sydney

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