Launching in August 2020 – Your new online home

Professional Development and Support for Families, Disability Employment Professionals and Advocates. 

We are launching our suite of micro-credentials in Customised Employment that will support Families, Advocates and Disability Professionals to deliver authentic Customised Employment with fidelity to the evidence for real practice.

CDERP are leaders in the field of Customised Employment with a global reputation for research, development and delivery of real Customised Employment. No shortcuts, just authentic practice that supports real choice and control, careers and meaningful employment.

Micro-credentialling will be supported by mentoring and support, real support that underpins real outcomes.

Talk to us today about our upcoming programs.

To find out about the upcoming program or to register your interest, email CDERP Learning at; info@cderp.com.au 

Please ensure that you include your email address and contact details with any enquiry.


The first two micro-credentials kick off in August / September with the launch of the new online college. They will be followed by two more micro-credentials that will provide a complete suite of Customised Employment and Discovery learning modules. Collectively they contain all twelve units for the CDERP Certified Customised Employment Training program.  For professional employment staff, please enquire directly to CDERP about our upcoming certified training or for service providers contact us about our provider training and support arrangements. For content details, please click on this link; CDERP Certified Customised Employment Training

For full course details, click this link; CDERP Certified CE Training Details.