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Customised Employment Stage Two - Discovery

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Customised Employment Stage Two introduces Discovery Stage Two, which builds on the client information discovered in Stage One of Discovery. Stage Two of Discovery focuses on developing an understanding of the person's skills, interests and abilities to build personal capacity and create a pathway to job development. At the same time, we start our initial engagement with employers, focusing on the client's capacity and assisting employers to understand disability in the workplace and create social capital.

By the end of this module, you will have developed an understanding and the skills to:

• The tools and skills needed to develop a client profile.
• Use Informational Interviews to engage with employers as part of the process of Discovering the clients’ abilities, skills, and interests.
• Support clients in developing the capacity to self-determine and self-advocate.
• Use Work Experience to build skills and confirm abilities and interests.

• Understand the relationship between Discovery and Self-Determination.

This course completes the final stage of basic Discovery training and the first two stages of the Customised Employment Professional program.

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